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Project Summary

This website is a graphic design portfolio for Danae Moore. All the design work was completed by Danae including layout, typography choices, site structure, and of course the wonderful design work showcased on the site itself. This site is a redesign of her first website which I also helped create.

Danae's first website was built using Indexhibit which was good to work with, but we both found it a little limiting. We wanted to go with a simpler solution that allowed for a great deal of customization in a short amount of time. I decided to go with StaceyApp because it fit the criteria and has a relatively low learning curve. Danae is able to update this website on her own simply by modifying images, folders, and text files then pushing to the server with git. With no database to worry about, she is able to see her changes locally on her computer before pushing to the server.

Get that stupid pocket out of the way so I can admire this awesome nebula!