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Beginnings in Web Development

I have been fascinated with the web since my first experience with the Internet in the late 90s (probably trolling a 30-somethings chat room). Once I discovered the free page builder on GeoCities, my fascination quickly transformed into true love. In the summer before my sophomore year in high school, I created my first website for my very own MechWarrior 3 clan. I look back on my teenage years and think about all the time I wasted playing video games, but without them I don't think I would have gained my passion for the web.

My interests were originally centered around graphic design and simple HTML. Everything changed when I asked an online friend to help me troubleshoot some code. The first thing he said was, "You really need to validate your code." In an instant a whole new world of web standards was exposed to me. I was embarrassed for not having the foresight to research the proper way to create websites. My relationship with GeoCities ended shortly after.

Boy Becomes Man

In the years since, I have spent countless hours educating myself in the ways of a true web developer. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with an excellent team in a fast-paced environment where I have been exposed to various different development paradigms and technologies. I learn by failing, then doing it better the next time. My strengths lie in front-end web development (planning, design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc), but I am continually striving to improve my skills to include back-end development (PHP, Linux administration, SQL, etc).

Get in Touch

I don't spend a lot of time socializing online, but when I do it is usually on Stack Overflow. Check out the contact links on my pocket below if you want to chat. Thanks for visiting!

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